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Security Guards Training Courses in IndiaOn behalf of the Board of Governors,

I take great pleasure in introducing the Institute of Advanced Security Training and Management Pvt. Ltd. (ASTM). ASTM is a unique Security Training Academy launched in India as an initiative by Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd., an industry leader in the domain of electronic security.

Our vision from ASTM is to foster a secure environment in India by imparting world-class, quality training and education in Security, Safety and Loss prevention.

ASTM offers corporate training programs for security personnel already on the field, as well as educational training to build a cadre of competent security professionals. It also offers training programs in electronic security technology for professionals working in the security systems integration business.

Our core educational programs offer vocational, career-oriented courses for students wishing to pursue career options in Security Management. We are offering our short term program in Physical Security & Electronic Security management for students, who will be employed in organizations upon successful completion of program. Our professionally well-trained Security Executives from the earlier batches are playing an important role in meeting the growing challenges of our Security environment. The heightened risks and threat perceptions in our environment demand a significant improvement in the quality and effectiveness of the first responders at all important corporate entities, institutions and places of public importance, including government offices.

The course curriculum has been meticulously designed upon consultation with experts in the field of Safety & Security, to help our students successfully emerge as competent Security Executives/Loss Prevention Executives. We are committed to providing our students with a progressive career path that leads them to become efficient professionals. The tools and techniques to be imparted in our courses have been validated by experts both from India and abroad. We envisage that ASTM certified students, will continuously raise the bar in industry with progressive benchmarks comparable with the best in the world.

I take this opportunity to invite you to join our vocational courses and training programs and become a part of the ASTM vision. Our ASTM team is committed to making a difference to the life of our students. We will work to shape up your career and together we shall make a difference to society at large, by creating a safe and secure environment for us.

Wishing you all the best and God bless !

Manohar Bidaye